Friday, December 22, 2006

Iverson's Debut Tonight

The Answer's first game with The Nuggets is still on hold since Andre Miller has not been able to leave Denver due to the Snow Storms. If Miller arrives in time to Philly and passess his physical early enough for AI to dress up for Denver we will get a chance to see what the future brings for the West. Expect AI to be a little passive during the first quarter or so, then this dude will get his.. I predict AI will dish out 9 assists, get 4 steals and score 27 points.

This is the begining of a new era in Denver professional sports. An Era that will soon lead to tittle contention. Good luck AI....You deserve to play for a real team and a real coach.

I read today that the Sixers will brong back Larry Brown for some front office duties. Billy King (the worst GM in pro sports) has finnaly admitted he can't do his work. For the team's sake, I would fire both King and Cheeks and name Larry Brown head coach, GM,Team President and ball boy.

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