Friday, December 09, 2005

Billy, Billy, Billy

Can you believe that the help that BK is getting is Mat Barnes, a guy that came to philly last year with the Webber trade and got no playing time . Unbelievable...Billy king should respect us sixers fans and present a better product out on the court. We have 3 very good players in Sammy, C-webb and AI. Iguodala is still a year from being a year away from being and all star and Korver just isn't as great as advertised. We need to sign Spreewell or trade AI to a good team. He has done alot for this franchise and deserves to have a chance to win it all.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

El primer analisis

Ya va casi un mes de juegos y la liga esta llena de sorpresas y decepciones. Tratare de resumir ambas.
Cleveland Cavaliers: Muchos pensaran que los Clippers se merecen el primer lugar en las sorpresas de la joven temporada, sin embargo pienso que los Cavs han logrado demasiado en muy poco tiempo. Nunca me gusto mucho la adicion de Larry Hughes. No lo consideraba un buen “fit” como el “Scottie Pippen” de LeBron. Los primeros juegos estuvo un poco erratico pero ha logrado encontrar su rol en este equipo. En estos momentos los Cavs son el 3er mejor equipo en el este. Si Ilgauskas no se lesiona, podran causarle problemas a Miami y a Detroit.
LA Clippers: Aunque este equipo es una Bomba de tiempo, esta jugando muy bien. Elton Brand se sigue llamando Elton Brand (ustedes me entienden). Sam Cassell esta jugando como en sus mejores momentos y todavía Cutino Mobley no ha empezado a llorar como siempre hace. Vamos a ver si pueden controlarse cuando pierdan 2 o 3 juegos.
Chris Webber: Se ha dado cuenta lo bueno que es jugar al lado del mejor jugador de la NBA. C-Webb promedia 21 y 10 y si no se lesiona los Sixers tendran una temporada muy interesante. Tanto que hablaron los SUPERANALISTAS de la NBA y ahora no se atreven ni mencionar lo bien que esta luciendo. He visto todos los juegos de Philly este año y Webber juega muy bien con Iverson. Todavía les falta conocerse un poco mejor pero les adelanto algo. AI permite que C-Webb sea C-Webb y vice- versa.
Detroit Pistons: Sere breve…Muchos pensaban que los Pistons se moririan sin Larry Brown…No saben que Larry Brown no tira una bola hace 30 años…….
T.J Ford: Esta se la regalo a mi amigo Marcos. TJ Ford es muy rapido y tiene a los Bucks jugando un estilo de juego muy interesante. Ford se ha levantado de una lesion muy peligrosa. Los Bucks paracen tener dos #1 picks este año ya que el pasado Ford vio los juegos desde el hospital.


Sacramento Kings: ¿Como pueden jugar tan mal con un cuadro regular tan bueno? A Abdhur Raheem se le olvido jugar como hombre. Como dijo el Great Aristotle (Shaq) Sacramento Kings….or Sac Queens….
Larry Brown: Esta mas confundido que Adan en el dia de las madres. Quiere jugar como los Pistos con un roster tan limitado en talento. Tiene que buscar como utilizar mejor a Stephon.
Kwame Brown: El peor “Big man” que juega regular en la liga. Michael jordan es el pero escucha de talento en la historia de la NBA. A este moron no lo han botado del equipo por respeto a Jordan. Tiene debilidades en todos los aspectos de su juego. Los Lakers deben salir de el inmediatamente.
Yao Ming: Por favor…no se ni como empezar…Cuando juega mal juega malisimo y cuando juega bien su equipo esta 0 y 5. De verdad debe abrir un restaurante.
Lamar Odom: Aceptemos la realidad, ni Phil Jackson lo convertira en estrella. El eterno prospecto

Se me quedo destacar lo bien que estan jugando Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant y Andre Iguodala….
Allen Iverson esta en otro nivel….
Hay una bomba de tiempo en Miami….Walkershima….(preguntale a j-will)

Hablamos luego…check it…

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

5 victorias corridas...Primer lugar en el atlantic..

Esa victorias se las dedico a todos los incredulos.... y ese donqueo es para ti,

Monday, November 14, 2005

GO SIXERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sixers go to spread offense, and defenseBalance brings 4th win in a rowBy PHIL
THE 76ERS are 4-3, riding a four-game winning streak. Spread it around.
That's what the Sixers did last night, placing six men in double scoring figures en route to a 113-108 victory over the better-than-you-think Los Angeles Clippers.
That's what they did at the other end of the floor, too, forcing the Clippers into a season-worst 21 turnovers that led to 20 points. They even did it off the glass, with four players taking at least six rebounds.
"That's basketball," Chris Webber said after the Sixers moved into first place in the Atlantic Division. "It's a young season and the main thing is we're winning, because we can only get better if we concentrate and make it that way.''
It was that balance that allowed the Sixers to win while Webber was shooting 4-for-17 and Allen Iverson was committing seven turnovers. Iverson put up 28 points, and was followed in sequence by Lee Nailon (21), John Salmons (14), Webber (13), Andre Iguodala (13) and Kyle Korver (11).
That effort matched the six men who reached double figures against the Atlanta Hawks in the final game of last season. Had Steven Hunter (eight points) managed two more, seven men would have equaled what happened Nov. 10 of last season, in an overtime victory over the New Jersey Nets. Hunter sat out from 10:54 to 7:58 of the third quarter after getting inadvertently poked in the eye by the Clippers' Quinton Ross.
"Me and [Iverson] have been trying to tell the younger guys to set small goals,'' Webber said. "Keep on winning the small ones, we'll be OK. One of the goals needs to be to make sure we try and stay consistent; we're going to be a really good road team. When you protect homecourt, teams don't want to see you, don't want to play you in the playoffs.''
What, a reporter wanted to know, makes Webber believe this early that the Sixers will be so good on the road?
"We like being booed on the road,'' he said. "There's not a feeling like trying to shut 20,000 people up. I've always loved that. And I'm saying that [about this team] as the best compliment, because a lot of guys can only play good at home.
"We weren't, in everybody's eyes, supposed to win that game in Indiana [after an 0-3 start]. That really showed me we had that attitude. I saw it even in the playoffs last season, the way we played against Detroit, the disappointment I saw in guys' eyes when we lost. I thought that was a good thing.''
Spreading the wealth this time wasn't by design, which probably makes it even more impressive.
"I think it just happened in the flow,'' coach Maurice Cheeks said. "We talked about getting Andre and Kyle and everybody more touches in the flow... we were more conscious of trying to get to the rim, to force play on screen-and-rolls, which opened up a lot of foul-line jumpers.''
It's a fact of NBA travel that teams playing the final game of a trip sometimes are more focused on heading home, but the Sixers deserved a solid share of credit as Clippers point guard Sam Cassell shot 1-for-10 and shooting guard Cuttino Mobley was able to muster just three second-half points, finishing with 23.
Cassell said, "I just put, offensively, too much pressure on my guys. I can't go 1-for-10 and expect us to win; 1-for-10 is inexcusable.''
"This is how we have to play,'' said Salmons, continuing to fulfill his preseason promise to be more aggressive. "We've got to take a page out of the Pistons' playbook; every time we play them, their stat sheet always shows five guys in double figures, or somebody off the bench in double figures.
"That's the best way to play. When everybody touches the ball, they'll want to play defense, they'll want to go rebound. We don't want to force anything, but when people are being unselfish that makes it even better.''
Case in point: Even though Iverson scored 10 points in the fourth quarter, he said, "I can't remember in the fourth quarter where I didn't have the ball as much going down the stretch. John had the ball in his hands, and was making things happen. All I was waiting for was the opportunity for my man to leave [me] so that I could help somebody make an easy play. You can tell we're getting better as an all-around team because so many people are doing so many things.''
Spread it around

Thursday, November 10, 2005

76ers are for real

To all the haters that were calling me to make fun of our 0 and 3 start..take a look we just beat two of the top five teams in the league....Pa que masquen!!!

THE 24-SECOND shot clocks above both backboards in the Wachovia Center didn't work all night. The 76ers' defense, on the other hand, worked as efficiently as it has this season. You could argue that the Sixers' bench worked even better than that.
When the Sixers, you should pardon the expression, clocked out, it was with an impressive 112-97 victory over the Dallas Mavericks. Most impressively, the Sixers won at home for the first time with a frenetic 10-0 finish to the third quarter and a 19-5 start in the fourth.
Don't look now, but they recorded the decision with Allen Iverson shooting a struggling 8-for-21 in a little more than 38 minutes. He seemed to favor his right side in the late stages and visited with the team's medical staff afterward; he did not address reporters.
The backups, though, more than addressed the job at hand. John Salmons and Kevin Ollie were effective in up-the-court pressure, James Thomas had seven rebounds and five points, and Lee Nailon contributed eight points, including a layup on a clutch steal.
Not that the starters were exactly AWOL. Iverson finished with 25 points, Andre Iguodala matched his career high of 22, Kyle Korver dropped in nine of 11 shots for 20 points, and Chris Webber fought off a 3-for-12 first half to manage 19 points and 11 rebounds.
After neither team led by more than eight through three quarters, the Sixers bolted a 19-point advantage at 95-76 with 6:22 remaining. The Mavs, who lost star forward Dirk Nowitzki toward the end of the first half with a strained back, then lost sub guard Devin Harris late in the third period with a sprained left ankle, climbed as close as nine, but never really threatened.
It would be too easy to say the clock ran out on them. This had far more to do with the work of four guys - Salmons, Ollie, Thomas and Nailon - who took maximum advantage of their opportunities.
"We just tried to bring energy, to play with reckless abandon, try and change the tempo; that's what we have up on the board, 'Change the tempo,' " said Ollie, who handed out five assists in a little less than 19 minutes. "We stayed up on defense, and that got us a lot of easy buckets. We're just not an offensive team that's going to outscore you. We've got to work our offense off our defense; that's what we did. That allows us to get out on the break, to use our athleticism a little bit. That's how we're going to have to win. We can't win any other way."
Most observers have thought all along that a lack of depth has been a problem; the guys filling those roles belied that theory against the Mavs.
"I don't read the newspaper, I just play basketball, stick with my teammates and coaching staff," Nailon said. "Whatever they write in the newspaper, that's their job. That's to get them happy. As long as we're playing together on the court and getting W's, then we make them look foolish."
This is how the subs looked to coach Maurice Cheeks:
"I thought everybody who came in the game for us did a good job. I thought our bench was real good. I thought our bench really changed the game for us. Those guys were big for us, particularly in the second half. Their pressure up the floor and ability to move the ball from side to side was huge for us. Those guys really gave us the cushion to win this game, and Kyle making shots makes it a lot easier for everybody. But I think this was about our bench. I think our bench was as good as we have been; the bench was good in Indiana [Saturday night] and was a factor in winning the game; our bench tonight was a major factor in winning the game."
The 29-5 run was largely the result of that effort.
"All night, they were playing into our hands until the end of the third," Mavs guard Darrell Armstrong said. "Then, it seemed like the momentum shifted in their hands and they just kept rolling. When you let a team build up a [19-point] lead, every once in a while, you're going to come back from it. If you do, you're going to die down at the end. I felt like we had a chance. They just made the right plays at the right time."
After which, they clocked out.
Six shots
As far back as Opening Day, when most people were praising the Sixers for their adherence to the NBA's new "business casual" dress code, president/general manager Billy King was also getting messages from the league about some of the players' uniform shorts being too long. The result? The fashion police have fined the Sixers... Last night's announced crowd of 13,392 was the lowest since 10,976 saw a 9-92 loss to Milwaukee Feb. 16, 1999.

Monday, November 07, 2005


¿Como es posible que los sixers pierdan sus primeros tres juegos, incluyendo uno el viernes contra los Bobcats? ¿Como es posible que el sábado le ganaran a los Pacers, un serio candidato al campeonato?Pienso que si los sixers se mantienen saludable y logran organizarse un poco mas defensivamente pueden ganar su división y probablemente llegar a la segunda ronda de los Playoffs.(si Webber se mantiene saludable)El sábado lucieron muy sólidos contra los pacers. En el tercer cuarto estaban ganando por 20. Steven Hunter lució muy fuerte contra O'neal y Webber parecia estar en sus mejores tiempos.Creo que mi sixers fueron victima de un itinerario mal hecho. Solamente ellos y Denver han jugado 4 juegos en 5 noches.Entre sus oponentes para esos 4 juegos tuvieron a Detroit y a Indiana.Diagnostigo..Comienzo TemblorosoREmedio....Mejor DEfensa e intensidadPronóstico...Ganamos el AtlaticPASION, PRIDE....SIXERS

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

They are really gonna miss O'brien

Mo Cheeks is a nice guy, cool personality, sixer hero..but damm...Can he coach?
I got three possible answers to what has happened these first two games of the season.
1. Bucks have gotten good. (the also beat NJ)
2. Detroit is still the Beast of the East.
3. The sixers just suck. Give Ai a month of this crap and he will ask for a trade..Everyone made significant changes. MY sixers just blew money away(62million Dalambert, 30 million to Kyle "Steve Kerr" Korver) We need a legitimate SF and some real tough defense..This will probably be a long season.

Monday, October 31, 2005

Por FIN...

Se acabo la espera...Mañana comienza la temporada y todos estamos sumamente ansiosos. Gracias a los que frecuentan mi pagina, espero que me visiten mas a menudo durante la temporada. Saludos a los del fantasy que siempre nos proponemos perder el mayor tiempo posible. A continuacion mis predicciones por cada division. Apuntenlas y luego veremos quien es el "true baller" en estos asuntos. Posteen sus favoritos por cada division tambien.

En el este

Atlantic Division: Philadelphia 76ers
Central Division: Detroit Pistons
Southeast Div: Miami Heat

En el oeste:
Northwest Division: Denver Nuggets
Pacific Division: Phoenix Suns
Southwester Div. : San Antonio Spurs

Miami Ganará el Este
San Antonio Ganará el Oeste
San Antonio en 7 juegos repite

CUIDENSE TODOS, Dios los Bendiga

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Stern and his code....more AI bashing

It's plain ridiculous. What pissess me off is that the league and ESPN are putting Iverson in the Middle of this controversy. They all say that AI is protesting the code. Those fools should buy a freakin dictionary and look up PROTEST. AI is only answering their questions Most players don't agree with the code but, as usual AI haters like ESPN folks tend to place the heat on AI so they can get nice quotes. I'm so sick of the AI bashing, it's so old. Why don't they mention that he is helping and motivating his teamates like never before or how no other player in the pre-season games has scored more than AI. Don't get me started RIC BUCHER and Co. I spent all of last season fighting with you guys about this and I don't mind doing it again.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Just a little something something!

Iverson on Iverson: "I had a lot of growing up to do, and a lot of times I learned the hard way. I think those experiences helped me be the way I am right now mentally. I went through hell here, with the media, coaching situations, even times with fans... everything. I really feel that I am a man. I feel that being here in Philadelphia helped me become just that. I wouldn't trade it for the world, because I think it made me a better player, it made me a better person, it made me a better father, it made me a better husband, a better teammate. I took my bumps but I've had my great times here."
Put your average NBA fan back-to-back with Allen Iverson, and they'll surely identify with him. At 6-0, Iverson doesn't tower over anyone like your typical superstar would. At 165, he might even give up a few pounds. Yet A.I. has managed to carve out an implausible career in the league that his pedestrian size makes us admire.
A career 27.4-point per game scoring average 16,738 total points Most Valuable Player of the 2000-01 regular season All-Star MVP in 2001 and 2005 Three-time First Team All-NBA (1999, 2001, 2005) Owner of three scoring titles Rookie of the Year in 1996-97 NBA Finals appearance in 2001
A.I.'s résumé has all of the things that we dreamt of accomplishing every time we took jump shots on our driveways as kids. When we watch him, we get to live out those fantasies, as well as draw strength from his incredible toughness.
Knocked around by opponents every time his slight frame and unrestrained style of play hits the floor, Iverson always gets back up. His penchant for playing hurt teaches us to get back up when life knocks us around.
And that's why we love Iverson. He inspires us with something even the little guy can have a lot of.

Friday, October 07, 2005


Webber is excited early about Sixers' fresh startBy Joe JulianoInquirer Staff Writer
DURHAM, N.C. - Three days of the 76ers' training camp have been completed. There are still three more days of camp, plus practices and eight preseason games, before the Sixers start playing for real Nov. 1.
But if the smile that lit up Chris Webber's face yesterday means anything, things under new head coach Maurice Cheeks are off to a rousing start.
"You see me smile last year?" Webber asked reporters after practice at Duke's Cameron Indoor Stadium. "It feels good. It's a great environment and a great atmosphere, so I couldn't be happier right now."
Smiles from Webber were rare last season. He struggled to find his game in former coach Jim O'Brien's system after his Feb. 23 trade from Sacramento to the Sixers, and his sore left knee didn't help matters any.
Webber worked hard to strengthen his knee in the off-season. Before the start of training camp, he said, Cheeks met with him and clearly outlined his role on the team. Cheeks did the same thing with Allen Iverson, and "we're both happy with that," Webber said.
Webber gave credit to Cheeks for fostering a positive camp atmosphere.
"I'm not speaking against anyone else," he said, "but with Mo, when you're so confident and you know that you've done what you've done, you don't have to prove anything.
"It's almost like, 'Guys, you want to listen to me and you want to win, you'd better listen. If you don't, I'll find somebody else.' I think that helps the role players. I want what Mo has, and that's a championship. I admire what he's done. He's been a man first and a coach second. If you're a good man, it's easy to be a good coach."
As he tries to find ways for Webber and Iverson to mesh, Cheeks is similarly complimentary toward Webber.
"Chris and Allen were very good [yesterday] the way they were mixing together," Cheeks said. "That's one of the things we're trying to do in camp, getting everyone used to playing with each other. You can see when you put the ball in Chris' hands, the things that he can do getting guys easy shots. He just makes our offense so much better when you put the ball in his hands."
Cheeks said Webber "seems to be running fine."
Webber said the style of offense introduced by Cheeks is "something that I'm a little more accustomed to," giving him the ball in a position where he can find cutters or an open man spotted up.
Naturally, the question everyone asks is whether Webber and Iverson can coexist in the lineup, whether they're ready to make the sacrifices that will help the strategy succeed.
Webber said it's a matter of each player stepping up his game instead.
"We've got to lead these guys," he said. "Energy without experience isn't always the best combination. You have that combination of energy and experience, youth and experience, so I think if anything, we're going to raise our games to a level to make sure we get to where we need to be."
Of course, a season goes on for more than three days. There will be frustration and conflict and some rough patches between now and the end of the regular season April 19, seemingly 1,000 days from now.
But for Webber, it's been a lovely start.
"I'm very encouraged, very encouraged," he said. "It's been nothing but positive. It's nothing but hard work, and that's all you can ask for. It feels great out here."

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Training Camp Opens

My SIXERS had their first practice today and New head coach Mo Cheeks was very satisfied with what he saw. He said that Webber was healthy and that most guys looked in shape. Go SIXERS!!

Toronto traded Rafer Alston to Houston.

I think that the Eddy Curry trade is a win win situation.

More details later...gotta go now!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

AI Bigger than YAO

Iverson In Asia

Here in Shanghai, you often can’t tell the media the location of a news conference. If you do, word might leak out that, say, a famous person is involved in the event. If somebody snitches, thousands of fans are virtually guaranteed to mob the scene and your news conference might never be held. And so with Allen Iverson visiting this teeming city of some 20-million people, similar precautions had to be taken. Media members who knew of his coming were not told where the day’s events were being held. Instead, they were asked to board a caravan of buses at a rendezvous point. The buses then furtively took them to wherever the events took place. Shanghai is a large city, and Allen Iverson is large among its inhabitants. One Reebok executive said today Iverson “is like a god here.” A Chinese journalist told us Iverson is bigger here than Yao Ming, the 7-5 center for the Houston Rockets. Ironically, Yao spent many of his formative years here in Shanghai. The love became apparent today when Iverson tipped off the Chinese portion of his “I am what I am” tour for Reebok. And it was no more palpable than during a visit to an orphanage, the Shanghai Children’s Home. For it is among children that Allen is often at his best. These kids had obviously prepared a long time for Iverson’s visit. Many of them, dressed in ceremonial clothing, sang and danced for him. They also presented him with a number of gifts exhibiting their own, artistic handiwork, a gesture that appeared to have touched Allen deeply. Later, there was Allen again, as he had in Tokyo, removing his watch and other jewelry so he could play basketball with the kids. Truly an amazing experience for many of those who were clearly Iverson fans, demonstrated by their various wrist and armbands which were very much a la Allen. Iverson took the stage at a Shanghai theatre at the day’s first event, greeted by wild applause from the crowd and a throng of well over 100 media members. Helped by a translator, Allen answered questions, then graciously participated in a number of ceremonial events. One that was particularly touching for the Chinese was seeing Allen imprint is last name in Chinese using a stamp similar to ones used by this country’s ancient emperors. Then, media members were led into an adjacent room in much smaller groups. Iverson patiently answered more questions for about the next hour and honestly, these questions were more incisive then those he had fielded in Japan. Tomorrow, Allen and Yao in an outdoor event that’s sure to draw quite a crowd. The media? They’ll all be arriving by bus.
Allen Iverson shoes off one of his signature shoes at an event in China. Iverson faces the excited crowd.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Heat Add Gary Payton

How many balls can be used at one time during a game????????
The Dallas Mavericks are close to signing International Star and Puerto Rico Native Elias "Larry" Ayuso. A three point specialist.

Adding some depth!!!!

Looking to improve their depth, the 76ers agreed to a contract with veteran forward Lee Nailon.
Terms of the agreement were not released Thursday. As a five-year NBA veteran, Nailon is entitled to at least the league minimum of $835,810.
The 6-foot-8, 240-pound Nailon is coming off his finest season as a pro. The 30-year-old averaged 14.2 points and 4.4 rebounds - both career highs - in 68 games last season for the New Orleans Hornets. He shot nearly 48 percent from the field and better than 80 percent from the free-throw line.
In five NBA seasons, Nailon has career averages of 8.9 points and 3.1 rebounds while shooting 47.3 percent from the field and 78.4 percent from the line.
In his career, Nailon has played for the Charlotte Hornets, New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers as well as New Orleans.
The acquisition of Nailon, a free agent, is designed to help the Sixers' depth at both forward positions.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Is the East ready for C-Webb

Phill Jasner reports that 76ers star forward is eager to prove critics wrong.

Chris Webber couldn't help himself. He couldn't hold back his passion for basketball. Even if the 76ers don't begin training camp until Oct. 4. Taking a break the other day from his foundation's drive to gather school supplies for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, Webber couldn't hold back about how he perceives his role in his first full season with the team.
"It's Allen's team," Webber said, a reference to star guard Allen Iverson. "He's been here 9 years. If he came to Sacramento, it would have been my team, and I would have worked with him. [This] is his team, his environment. The way he goes is the way we're going to go. I'm more worried about myself. I need to be me, to play my game and really not give a damn about anything."
Webber came to the Sixers at last season's trade deadline after 6-plus seasons with the Kings. He wasn't as productive as he had been, but he insisted it wasn't because of the change in midstream or because of any problems with his surgically repaired knee.
"I averaged 22 [points] and 10 [rebounds] before I got here," said Webber, who averaged 15.6 points and 7.9 rebounds with the Sixers after averaging 21.3 and 9.7 with the Kings. "You're telling me my knee started hurting in January and February? It was a good excuse [for others]. My percentages went down because my knee hurt? You're telling me one day in the middle of the season, my knee hurt and it changed the season? If I'm playing on a hurt knee and putting up those numbers [with the Kings], why would it change? It's on me to be myself, to come back and play my game."
Webber said he was appreciative that Sixers president and general manager Billy King stayed in contact during the offseason. Now, he's eager to perform but at the same time trying to rein in his emotions. To him, the time isn't yet right.
"I want to win a championship," he said. "Are we good enough to beat Miami? San Antonio? The odds aren't in our favor; of course not. But so what? Who cares? I like it when the odds are against me. I love the fact that people think my knee is hurt. I love the fact that people think it's over. I revel in it. I love it. I wrap it around myself and embrace it, because I will not be broken.
"Besides that, what else can I do but wait [for the season]? I get so hyped, my hands start sweating now. I've got to hold all of that energy in. Don't bring it out of me now."

Monday, September 19, 2005

Palabras con luz...

Al igual que yo, muchos fanaticos de los sixers estan ansiosos por que empieze la tempoda. Hay tantas interrogantes, tantos factores desconocidos, tanta gente hablando mal de philly, tantas
expectativas y simpletente...tantos deseos de ganar. Es dificil hablar de ganar en el Este luego de los impresionantes cambios realizados por Miami y Cleveland. La conferencia del Este es la mas interesante, la mas competitiva y es donde mis sixers lograran impresionar.
Allen Iverson, quien se encontraba en philly grabando unas pautas comerciales, realizo unos comentarios interesantes. A el le han preguntado en la calle sobre la falta de movidas importantes en el "off season". El contesto de una forma muy interesante. Luego de analizar sus comentarios, estoy totalmente de acuerdo. Dijo AI "“I swear I feel like I’ve got the guys around me that I need,” Iverson said. “Those are the guys that can win it with me. I don’t think we need anybody else. Shaq would help. Kobe would help. Tracy would help. That’s impossible. With the guys that we got, we have the best chance in the world.”
Iverson por primera vez juega en un equipo....Si en un equipo que aunque no tiene profundidad en el banco, tiene un verdadero "Position Player" en cada posicion. No puede desear nada mas. Aquellos de ustedes que piensan que a Webber no le queda na....WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE...C-Webb esta saludable y tiene algo que probar. En declaraciones recientes su coach Mo Cheeks dijo que Chris es una superestrella. Ninguna superestrella quiere se afecte su legado. Iverson dijo que la temporada pasada Webber estaba super lastimado y tampodo el Coach O'Brien lo supo utilizar. Webber aclaro que el desea jugar en el "low post". Fue su coach quien lo ordeno a tirar tantos jumpers la temporada pasada. No se duerman con Philly, no subestimen a C-Webb. Esten pendientes al progreso de AI2..Andre Iguadala.
Yo pienso que Philly llegara al menos a la segunda ronda de los Playoffs....Apuntame esa y luego hablamos...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Possible trade between Boston and Denver

Rumors say that Paul Pierce might get traded to Denver for Nene and Miller...Just Rumors but the source is pretty good.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Who's still a Free Agent....Lo que queda en el mercado de agentes libres....

Listas de Mascotas que necesitan adopción...Go ahead adopt one of these sad puppies.
1. Eddie Curry
2. Gary Payton
3. Latrell Spreewel
4. Darius Songalia
5. Vladimir Radmanovic
6. Reggie Evans
7. Gerald Wallace
8. Damon Jones
9. Ronald Murray
10. Daniel Santiago....(who??) (didn't want to leave it at nine)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What a shame!!

Hey..people can do whatever they want with their cash...but if you are gonna make a big deal about helping real about it. I find it ridiculous that many pro athletes are pledging $1,000 for Katrina victims. How low is that!! Dudes like Shaq, Iverson, Tmac, Kobe and many others make more than $200,000 a game... I read on a losers blog that Diddy, Jay Z and Other Hip hoppers are donating millios. The NBA players asociation donated a million...
If they want to get props for making about making significant ones. This is the largest tragedy in US history...

Lets also give props to FEMA and other federal agencies for arriving as late as they could...losers

In the NBA...We are still wondering where Spreewel will find a job and manages to feed his starving family with less than 5 million. find Latrell at a shelter near you...
My sources tell me that the Lakers,Heat,Rockets and Bulls are after Spree...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mala Tuya Mr. Cuban

Es dificil criticar una decision a una persona tan exitosa como Cuban. Sin Embargo, el hecho de botar a Finely como bolsa en vez de cambiarlo le acaba de explotar en la cara. Finley acaba de asegurar que firmará con San Antonio. Un equipo que esta en la misma division que Dallas y que le permitirá a Finely un desquite en los playoffs contra su antiguo jefe. Los Spurs de San Antonio acaban de mejorar el mejor equipo de la liga. Finley aportará con su ofensiva letal, mientras se encamina al sueño dorado de un campeonato. Antes de este evento trascendental, veía a Miami como seguros campeones pero ahora todo parece indicar que el campeonato se queda en el Oeste....El chiste de esto es que todavía Dallas le debe 51 millones a un jugador que los masacrará durante toda la temporada....Mala tuya Mr. Cuban


Monday, August 29, 2005

En la liga....

Regreso escribiendo en español para el agrado de distinguidos visitantes como el Sr. Gary Velazquez, excelente escolta de los Toritos de Cayey en el baloncesto de la LAI....Como todos saben es tiempo muerto en la liga. Trato de informar los asuntos mas recientes que puedo investigar. A parte de el regreso de Mutombo con Houston por un año mas y la adquisicion de Dale Davis por los Pistons de Carlos Arroyo, entiendo que debemos estar pendientes al rumbo de Michael Finley. Probablemente se decida en los próximos días. Durante el fin de semana, kevin Garnett lo visitó en Chicago y esta tratando de hacerlo firmar con los Timberwolves. Mis fuentes me informan que la semana pasada los Heat de Miami hicieron todo lo posible por reclutar a Finley.Colocaron Posters de Finley por toda la ciudad de Miami y lo trataron muy bien durante su corta estadía en South Beach.
Entiendo que Finely escogerá entre los Heat, los Suns o los Timberwolves. Los periódicos de Detroit, Philadelphia y San Antonio han reportado que sus respectivos equipos han mostrado interés en el gran anotador.
Definitivamente si escoge a Miami, les garantiza un campeonato. Imaginense el cuadro regular. Shaq, Walker,Finley,D-Wade,J-Will....Impresionante.
En otros Asuntos, el presidente de Los Sixers, Billy King, se casó el pasado fin de semana. Me sorprende que no se casó con Larry Brown...(con quien todavia consulta todas sus decisiones importantes).... Me informan que el gobernador de Philadelphila le prestó su mansión para llevar a cabo la ceremonia.......seguiremos informando....Pronto!!! un informe completo sobre todos los cambios y transacciones hechas durante el "off season"....
Cita del día...Enseñame un buen perdedor y yo te enseñaré un perdedor....

Monday, August 22, 2005

Mckie a Laker...Traylor almost a Net

Former 76er Aaron Mckie who was waived under the Amnesty Clause has signed with the Lakers. Phill Jackson states that he would like to start Mackie at the point since he likes big guards running his offense.
Also: Rumors are that the Nets are close to a deal with Robert "Tractor" Traylor. The Rockets are close to signing former Blazer Derek Anderson.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Someone finally gets it....

Iverson isn't just a point guard, he's the best ...
byMike Kahn

The entire concept of putting anyone ahead of Allen Iverson in NBA point guard rankings is daunting, to say the least.
Sure, Larry Brown moved him to shooting guard his second season and insisted he was not a point guard. But the way he played last season upon his return to the playmaking role and carried the talent-challenged Philadelphia 76ers into the playoffs was reason enough to believe he'd be an even better player today had he stayed at that position.
And when you consider he earned his fourth scoring title last season while recording a career-high 7.9 assists a game — along with his requisite 2.4 steals — the answer to the dilemma is simple.
Allen Iverson earned his fourth scoring title last season while recording a career-high 7.9 assists a game. (D. Lippitt / Getty Images)
Consequently, we will name Iverson the top point guard in the NBA entering this season, and that's not to denigrate the reigning Most Valuable Player Steve Nash at all. Coming off a season in which he led the Phoenix Suns to 62 wins, a berth in the Western Conference finals and an MVP award to boot, there is are plenty of reasons to give Nash the top spot.
People will contend he makes other players better.
But just consider for a moment what the Suns would look like if Iverson would have been playing with Amare Stoudemire, Shawn Marion, Joe Johnson and Quentin Richardson instead of Nash. Would the Suns not have won as many games?
Those are hypothetical thoughts that go into ranking these players in a purely subjective list. Undoubtedly, Iverson is more inclined to look for his shot first, which is why his ability to see the floor and pass are consistently underrated.
We'll never know if the Sixers would have made the playoffs with Nash or how well the Suns would have done with Iverson. But what we do know is going into this season — given the choice between to the two — A.I. is the man.
There are others to consider, obviously. And it's always difficult not to put Jason Kidd at the top of any point guard heap. But knee surgery and his 32nd birthday coming in the spring create some question as to where his game will be this season as the Nets are expected to regain control of the Atlantic Division.
Nobody is more underrated than Chauncey Billups, the floor leader of the two-time Eastern Conference champion Pistons. He is clutch and smart, and growing as a winner every year.
And as Gilbert Arenas continues to climb up the chart, the one player who could break out of the middle of the NBA pack could be Seattle's Luke Ridnour, cut very much out of the Nash/John Stockton-mold, a player with a pass-first mentality as well as the shooting touch and range to hit big baskets.

So without further adieu, here are the 2005-06 NBA point guard rankings.

1. Allen Iverson, 76ers
Ht./Wt. 6-0/165Numbers: 30.7 pts., 7.9 ast., 2.4 stlsHe is as fearless as he is talented, which is a dramatic combination considering he packages that with perhaps the most intense competitive spirit in the game today.

2. Steve Nash, Phoenix Suns
Ht./Wt. 6-3, 195Numbers: 15.5 pts., 11.5 ast., .99 stls He became the prototype point guard last season, if he wasn't already. He's amazingly proficient at making the game-winning play, whether it is the assist or the shot that is required.
Steve Nash is amazingly proficient at making the game-winning play. (Barry Gossage / Getty Images)

3. Jason Kidd, New Jersey Nets
Ht./Wt. 6-4, 210Numbers: 14.4 pts., 8.3 ast., 1.86 stlsThe previous title-holder, Kidd has to prove he's all the way back from micro-fracture surgery on his knee. The Nets have a solid core to win the Atlantic Division and Kidd is behind the wheel to drive them there.

4. Chauncey Billups, Detroit Pistons
Ht./Wt. 6-3, 205Numbers: 16.5 pts., 5.8 ast., 1.01 stls As each season passes, he becomes more natural at point guard and he is the inexorable floor leader of the two-time defending Eastern Conference champs. He's the best at allowing the game to come to him and make clutch plays.

5. Baron Davis, Golden State Warriors
Ht./Wt. 6-3, 220Numbers: 19.2 pts., 7.9 ast., 1.76 stls B.D. turned around the woeful Warriors last season and there are those who believe he is capable of carrying them to the playoffs this season. It may not happen, but he's made them fun for the first time in more than a decade.

6. Mike Bibby, Sacramento Kings
Ht./Wt. 6-1, 190Numbers: 19.6 pts., 6.8 ast., 1.55 stlsEach season he has grown more into a floor leader. His shooting has never been in question, but we'll find out this season how well he distributes the ball with the additions of Bonzi Wells and Shareef Abdur-Rahim.

7. Stephon Marbury, New York Knicks
Ht./Wt. 6-2, 200Numbers: 21.7 pts., 8.1 ast., 1.49 stlsThe self-proclaimed best point guard in the NBA isn't even close. In fact, his self-absorption has him dropping like a rock in the esteem of many insiders. We'll see if Larry Brown moves him to shooting guard as he did with Iverson.

8. Gilbert Arenas, Washington Wizards
Ht./Wt. 6-3, 190Numbers: 25.5 pts., 5.1 ast., 1.74 stlsThe league's most improved player in 2003 was finally healthy again last season and kicked it up another notch. He still hasn't proven to be consistent enough moving the ball, but he's a big play guy who will learn in time.

9. Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs
Ht./Wt. 6-2, 180Numbers: 16.6 pts., 6.1 ast., 1.23 stlsHe is so smooth with the ball it's almost as if he plays on roller skates. But every time Parker starts to break into All-Star form, he fades. Yes, they won another title, but his role diminished as the finals progressed.

10. Andre Miller, Denver Nuggets
Ht./Wt. 6-2, 200Numbers: 13.6 pts., 6.9 ast., 1.48 stlsMiller struggled like the rest of the Nuggets early last season but came on once George Karl became coach. It would be logical to assume he will have a much more complete season this time around.

Also receiving consideration: Sam Cassell, Minnesota Timberwolves; Kirk Hinrich, Chicago Bulls; Luke Ridnour, Seattle SuperSonics; Jason Terry, Dallas Mavericks; Jamaal Tinsley, Indiana Pacers; Jason Williams, Miami Heat.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

This is how the East will end up

2.Detroit(might sign Sprewell)
5. Cleveland
6. Jersey
7. Chicago
8. Milwaukee
9. Washington
10. Orlando
11. Boston
13. Atlanta
14. New York
15. Charlotte

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Michael Finley was waived yesterday under the Amnesty clause. Miami, Detroit, San Antonio and Phoenix are the suitors with the best shot at landing Finley. Denver is making a run also.
I think the best fit is Phoenix. Miami will be in the finals but Finely still has alot of game left in him to be a role player in MIA. With the departure of Richardson and Johnson, Phoenix, home of Finleys great friend Nash would be fun to watch.

P.S, with Abdur Rahim going to Sactown, the Nets are back to a #7 or 8 team. MY SIXERS WILL SURELY WIN THE ATLANTIC....

Monday, August 15, 2005

What and Irony...

"The Allan Houston Rule"

In the NEW YORK TIMES, Howard Beck writes that "Allan Houston, whose name became nearly synonymous with a new rule aimed at unloading expensive players, will be spared when the league's so-called amnesty deadline passes tonight." The "Knicks had considered waiving Houston to save about $40 million in luxury taxes on his salary. But in a curious twist, the rule will not claim its namesake as a victim. Instead, the Knicks will waive a spare power forward, either Jerome Williams or Malik Rose, sometime today."

Friday, August 12, 2005

Steven Hunter = 76er

Hunter and the 76ers have agreed to a 4 year 16.5 million deal. Hunter is believed to be more athletic than the recently traded Jackson and is looking forward to playing along side AI. There are some rumors about signing Allan Houston as soon as he is released by the Knicks under the Amnesty Clause.
Doug Christie was waived by the Magic. He is talking to the MAVS.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

No Shareef, BK sends Consolation present



Monday, August 08, 2005

Will the nets get their guy??

Espn doesnt think so. In a report published today on : "Right now I don't feel I want to be a Net," Abdur-Rahim told The New York Post on Saturday. "I can go somewhere else and play my career out. This is not an emotional thing. I've got to stand up for myself."

Saturday, August 06, 2005

LeBron has new agent...some very lucky guy!

LeBron james has just hired Leon Rose as his new Agent. Rose is Allen Iverson's agent as well. Just so you know, Mr. Rose will be making ridiculous bucks in the years to come. This dude has hit the jackpot.....$$$$

Friday, August 05, 2005

We're going to VEGAS...

We have been expecting this for weeks. It's official!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Las Vegas has been selected to host NBA All-Star 2007, NBA Commissioner David Stern announced today. The 2007 game will mark the first time that NBA All-Star is held in a city without an NBA team.

Nets trade on Hold....Freno al cambio de los Nets

The New Jersey Nets' trade with the Portland Trail Blazers for Shareef Abdur-Rahim has been put on hold after the veteran forward failed to pass a physical.
New Jersey, which has until August 12 to complete the deal, did not disclose the cause for the concern, but is seeking other medical opinions.
As soon as I get more info I will post it here.

El tan esperado cambio entre los Nets y los Blazers no se ha oficializado debido a que el talentoso delantero experimentó problemas con su exámen físico. Los Nets, quienes tenían una conferencia de prensa planificada para el día de ayer, no dijeron cual fue el problema. Estaré pendiente y les informaré tan pronto sepa algo.

Thursday, August 04, 2005


Aunque juré nunca mas asistir a un juego de "preseason", seré el primero en comprar taquillas para este. La NBA acaba de anunciar su itinerario PRESEASON. En adición, este juego en Puerto Rico será el primer juego de Preseason transmitido por NBA TV. Tendremos la oportunidad de ver en persona al nuevo TRABUCO.... Este partido se llevará a cabo el 14 de octubre en el Choliseo.....

THE NBA PRESEASON SCHEDULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The NBA’s 119-game preseason schedule for 2005, featuring games in 32 non-NBA cities, tips off at 7 p.m. ET on Oct. 10 when the Cleveland Cavaliers visit the MCI Center to face the Washington Wizards. NBA TV tips off its preseason coverage on Oct. 14 as Shaquille O’Neal and the Miami Heat face the Memphis Grizzlies at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan, Puerto Rico.
visit for full schedule

Yesterday's Recap

Hey everyone, welcome to NBA Daily!!!

Here's a quick look at what happened yesterday.

Ray Allen , Cuttino Mobley, and Raja Bell all got multi-year deals. Lakers GM Mitch Kupchak introduced Kwame Brown to the L.A. media Wednesday. Derek Anderson and Nick Van Exel were waived by Portland(Amnesty Clause Victims).

Thanks for reading, I welcome your comments.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

FIRST ONE OUT....And more to come

The Amnesty Clause has its first victim. Trail Blazers guard Derek Anderson will be the first player waived under the NBA's new amnesty clause, NBA front-office sources said.
The amnesty clause is a one-time exception that allows every team in the league to release one player -- they have until Aug. 15 to do so -- to avoid paying any further luxury tax on the player's contract

For Haters like Gaby...

This pictures shows all the injuries AI has had during his career. USA Today named him the No. 2 toughest athlete in professional sports in a Feb. 18, 2004 feature
Photo Curtesy of

Sixers sign Young Guns

Samuel Dalembert and Kyle Korver re-signed with the 76ers on the first day that free agents could sign contracts. Willie Green's free agent contract was put on hold pending left knee surgery. Billy King thinks he just saved the world with this....

NBA Daily

This blog will cover the NBA from all angles. I will try to update it as much as I can. My favorite team is the Philadelphia 76ers. I can't believe the fact that Billy King was so focused on Kyle Korver and Willie Green and wasn't able to lure any free agents. He made a run at Donyell Marshall and Antoine Walker but nothing happened.
I learned this morning that he is waiting to see what teams will do with the Amnesty Clause or the "Allan Houston rule" which gives teams a one time chance to release a player and avoid paying luxury tax on his contract. Billy king has his eyes on Jalen Rose and Michael Finley (so does every other playoff contender). Bad news for sixer Aaron Mckie, he is expected to be released due to the Amnesty Clause.
Visit my blog for more new and comments.

Visiten mi blog para información sobre la NBA. Tendré artículos en Ingles y Español. Mi equipo favorito son los 76ers. Estoy seguro de que ganaremos la división Atlántica del este y tendremos una buena actuación en los playoffs. Si Webber esta saludable (hay que orar) veremos un equipo que impresionara a todos los incrédulos.

The Largest trade Ever

Antoine Walker was dealt from Boston to Miami on Tuesday night in a transaction involving five teams and 13 players.
Here's the deal:
Miami gets: Walker, Jason Williams, James Posey, Andre Emmett, Roberto Duenas(draft rights
Memphis gets: Eddie Jones and Raul Lopez (from Utah)
Utah gets : Greg Ostertag
New Orleans gets: Rasual Butler, Kirk Snyder
Boston gets: Curtis Borchardt, Qyntel Woods, Albert Miralles

The acquisition of Walker (which passed on offers from Philly, NY and LA is huge. The guy averages 20 and 9. Miami became the favorite in the east when Larry Brown left Detroit, but with yesterdays move the Diesel will most likely win his fourth ring.
P.S. I will try to update this Blog as much as I can. I got a life...

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Big dude, Big Money

Shaquille O'Neal and the Miami Heat agreed Tuesday on a $100 million, five-year contract. What do you think? Is the Diesel still worth that much?

Plus: The Heat and Grizzleys are working on a deal that would send Jason Williams to Miami for Eddie Jones.

NBA Daily

Hey everyone! This just got in. Bonzi Wells stay in Memphis is officially over. After two seasons with the Grizzlies, Wells has been shipped to Sacramento for Greg Ostertag and Bobby Jackson.

Free Agency Signings

At 12:00 PM today, NBA teams can begin signing free agents. The following are the most notable free agent signings.
1. Michael Redd: getting 90 million from the Bucks
2. Ray Allen: has over 70 million reasons to stay in Seattle
3. Larry Hughes: Just jumped on the LeBron Cruise Ship towards success
4. Donyell Marshall: Passed on Philly to jump on the same ship as Larry Hughes
Other important transactions include: Shaq's new contract which is rumored to be around 125 million for 5 years, My sixers will resign their young guns and Joe Johnson is expected to flee Phoenix and find refuge in Atlanta.

Hoy a las 12 PM los equipos de la NBA podrán comenzar a firmar a los agentes libres. A continuación las transacciones mas notorias:
1.El escolta Michael Redd recibirá 90 millones
2. Ray Allen se queda en Seatle
3. Larry Hughes abandona a Washington por jugar con LeBron
4. Donyell Marshall rechaza una oferta de Philly por jugar con LeBron

Otras transacciones que debemos esperar incluyen la re-negociación del contrato de Shaquille O'Neal quien recibirá 125 millones por 5 años. Mis sixers firmarán a Dalambert, Green y Korver mientras que Joe Johnson debe firmar con Atlanta.

Selección de MVP 2005

En busca de una estrella…blanco o faccímil razonable.

Dede la temporada del 86 en la que la leyenda Larry Bird fue premiado como el jugador mas valioso, la NBA no ha tenido otro JMV blanco. Este año lo tienen. Lo promovieron durante todo el año. Lo vendieron mejor que un calentador en invierno. Injustamente, le han regalado el premio de jugador mas valioso a un jugador que no es el mas valioso en su propio equipo.

No tengo nada en contra de Steve Nash. Es un excelente “point guard” y no se como Marc Cuban dejó que se fuera de Dallas. Sin embargo, hay al menos 2 jugadores que merecían ser galardonados como el JMV de la liga.

Nash ayudó muchísimo a su equipo. Phoenix tiene el mejor record de la liga y su estilo de juego es impresionante. Pero Nash tiene la bendición de jugar en un equipo que cualquier boricua diría “esta montao”. Estrellas como Shawn Marion y Amare Stoudamire convierten a Phoenix en una superpotencia y tienen la posibilidad de ganar el campeonato.

Shaquille O’Neal y Allen Iverson significan mucho más para sus equipos y para la liga que Steve Nash.

Shaq demostró ser el mejor de los mejores al llevar a los Heat de Miami al primer lugar en el Este. Tan pronto Shaq llegó a Miami, ya se hablaba de campeonato. Gracias a el juego dominante de O’Neal, jugadores como Haslem y Jones han brillado como nunca y su escolta Dwane Wade ha mejorado de manera impresionante. Dejó a los Lakers gracias a las niñerías de Kobe y todos sabemos el resultado.

Allen Iverson tuvo una tempoda en la cual sus números gritan “Michael Jordan”. Los jugadores que le rodean son jóvenes e inconsistentes y Iverson los cargo en sus hombros durante toda la temporada. Es cierto que solo llevó a su equipo a la primera ronda de los playoffs, pero con ese “roster” no se podia hacer mucho más. Nadie en la NBA anotó mas puntos que Iverson durante esta temporada. Nadie en la NBA significó tanto para su equipo como Allen Iverson. Para mi esa es la definición ed MVP.

Hace años que la NBA está buscando un jugador “Blanco” al que se le pueda llamar superestrella. Como no consiguieron un Blanco Americano han optado por un faccímil razonable…un Blanco Canadiense.

Larry Bird en los 80 logró revitalizar la liga. Su talento y valor en la cancha entraron en los corazones de todos los americanos. La prensa norteamericana vió en Nash la oportunidad de tener su JMV anhelado. Este no tiene tatuajes como Shaq y Iverson y probablemente no escucha Hip Hop. Sin embargo no tiene el talento, el charisma o el liderzago de estos.

Hoy, 19 años mas tarde Steve Nash es la “gran esperanza blanca”. Si se enfrenta a los Heat de Shaq en la Serie Final veremos quién es el verdadero MVP.

En defensa de Iverson

“Cámbienlo, a ese no le queda nada” “No es un líder” es muy pequeño” “Hay que salir de el”

Asi hablaban de Allen Iverson muchos fanáticos de la NBA al terminar la temporada 2003-04. Iverson terminó la temporada pasada lesionado y en medio de controversias con la gerencia de los Sixers. Desde manifestar su poco amor por las practicas hasta sus grandes choques con sus dirigentes, Iverson se ha convertido en un personaje que muchos aman y que otros aman odiar.
Analistas de la NBA para la cadena ESPN dijeron al comenzar la temporada que Allen Iverson, mejor conocido como “The Answer”, ya no era un jugador “elite”. Estos definen “elite” como uno de los mejores 10 jugadores de la liga. Cuando escuche ese reportaje las ganas de vomitar mezcladas con los deseos de encontrarme estos analistas me volvienron loco. Logré conseguir el correo electrónico de uno de los analistas y le exprese mi asombro con la gama de disparates que estos muy bien pagados analistas plantearon. El, muy sarcástico y sínico me dijo, “¿Quieres que baile por que Iverson esta jugando bastante bien?, Tenemos mejores cosas de que hablar”. Esa noche Iverson tuvo uno de sus mejores juegos, anotando un triple doble. Le escribí a el analista ya que en ESPN no presentaron “highlights” del partido. Le dije que los fanáticos de Iverson merecemos ver a nuestro jugador. El me dijo, “Que bueno que tenemos mejores cosas que enseñar que Allen Iverson”. ¿Discrimen? ¿Tu crees? Le contesté utilizando un clásico cliché “ El tiempo me dará la razón”.
Así ha ocurrido. Iverson está jugando mejor baloncesto que cualquiera en la NBA. Es el lider de puntos por juego y su equipo esta jugando muy bien. Sus numeritos gritan superestrella ; 29.9 puntos, 7.7 asistencias y 4.1 rebotes por juego. El sábado 12 de febrero Iverson anotó 60 puntos convirtiendolo en el Segundo Sixer desde Wilt Chaimberlain en lograr tan majestuosa marca. Aquellos que no lo saben deben enterarse que Iverson es el jugador mas pequeño en la historia en anotar 60 puntos.(6’ y 165 lbs mojao). Sólo 18 jugadores en la historia de la liga han logrado anotar esa cantidad, entre ellos, Michael Jordan, Shaq y David Robinson. Su dirigente Jim O’Brien manifesto lo siguiente “ Estamos presenciando uno de los mejores jugadores en la historia de la NBA. Nunca en mi vida había presenciado algo así. Muchos de los 20,000 fanáticos aquí presentes jamás verán otra actuación como esta”.
¿Jugador elite? Shaquile O’Neal dijo, “Iverson es uno de los mejores jugadores en la historia, nadie recibe mas golpes que el”. Así es, no puedes compararlo con nadie, sus virtudes en la cancha son únicas. Nunca sera Jordan, pero dudo que exista otro Iverson. Jamás he visto un jugador de su tamaño hacer las cosas que el hace. Su rapidez combinado con inteligencia, intensidad y entendimiento del juego lo convierten en una mezcla de Isaiah Thomas, Renis Rodman y sí, tengo que decirlo Michael Jordan. El estilo de Iverson es distinto, no es un tirador, es un anotador. Hace el trabajo sucio defendiendo y robándose el balón. Cuando el #3 decide dominar es literalmente imparable. Esta temporada ha anotado mas de 50 puntos 3 veces y mas de 40 puntos en 6 ocasiones. ¿Quién mas esta haciendo eso? A los analistas de ESPN y a todos los que han dudado de A.I. les recomiendo que disfruten las hazañas de este pequeño guerrero. Este anotador incansable que ha cambiado la NBA para siempre. No utiliza trajes finos como Jordan o Larry Bird pero domina el juego como ambos en sus mejores tiempos. El futuro de la NBA esta en los hombros de LeBron James pero hoy, la NBA se llama Allen Iverson.