Tuesday, November 22, 2005

El primer analisis

Ya va casi un mes de juegos y la liga esta llena de sorpresas y decepciones. Tratare de resumir ambas.
Cleveland Cavaliers: Muchos pensaran que los Clippers se merecen el primer lugar en las sorpresas de la joven temporada, sin embargo pienso que los Cavs han logrado demasiado en muy poco tiempo. Nunca me gusto mucho la adicion de Larry Hughes. No lo consideraba un buen “fit” como el “Scottie Pippen” de LeBron. Los primeros juegos estuvo un poco erratico pero ha logrado encontrar su rol en este equipo. En estos momentos los Cavs son el 3er mejor equipo en el este. Si Ilgauskas no se lesiona, podran causarle problemas a Miami y a Detroit.
LA Clippers: Aunque este equipo es una Bomba de tiempo, esta jugando muy bien. Elton Brand se sigue llamando Elton Brand (ustedes me entienden). Sam Cassell esta jugando como en sus mejores momentos y todavía Cutino Mobley no ha empezado a llorar como siempre hace. Vamos a ver si pueden controlarse cuando pierdan 2 o 3 juegos.
Chris Webber: Se ha dado cuenta lo bueno que es jugar al lado del mejor jugador de la NBA. C-Webb promedia 21 y 10 y si no se lesiona los Sixers tendran una temporada muy interesante. Tanto que hablaron los SUPERANALISTAS de la NBA y ahora no se atreven ni mencionar lo bien que esta luciendo. He visto todos los juegos de Philly este año y Webber juega muy bien con Iverson. Todavía les falta conocerse un poco mejor pero les adelanto algo. AI permite que C-Webb sea C-Webb y vice- versa.
Detroit Pistons: Sere breve…Muchos pensaban que los Pistons se moririan sin Larry Brown…No saben que Larry Brown no tira una bola hace 30 años…….
T.J Ford: Esta se la regalo a mi amigo Marcos. TJ Ford es muy rapido y tiene a los Bucks jugando un estilo de juego muy interesante. Ford se ha levantado de una lesion muy peligrosa. Los Bucks paracen tener dos #1 picks este año ya que el pasado Ford vio los juegos desde el hospital.


Sacramento Kings: ¿Como pueden jugar tan mal con un cuadro regular tan bueno? A Abdhur Raheem se le olvido jugar como hombre. Como dijo el Great Aristotle (Shaq) Sacramento Kings….or Sac Queens….
Larry Brown: Esta mas confundido que Adan en el dia de las madres. Quiere jugar como los Pistos con un roster tan limitado en talento. Tiene que buscar como utilizar mejor a Stephon.
Kwame Brown: El peor “Big man” que juega regular en la liga. Michael jordan es el pero escucha de talento en la historia de la NBA. A este moron no lo han botado del equipo por respeto a Jordan. Tiene debilidades en todos los aspectos de su juego. Los Lakers deben salir de el inmediatamente.
Yao Ming: Por favor…no se ni como empezar…Cuando juega mal juega malisimo y cuando juega bien su equipo esta 0 y 5. De verdad debe abrir un restaurante.
Lamar Odom: Aceptemos la realidad, ni Phil Jackson lo convertira en estrella. El eterno prospecto

Se me quedo destacar lo bien que estan jugando Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant y Andre Iguodala….
Allen Iverson esta en otro nivel….
Hay una bomba de tiempo en Miami….Walkershima….(preguntale a j-will)

Hablamos luego…check it…

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

5 victorias corridas...Primer lugar en el atlantic..

Esa victorias se las dedico a todos los incredulos.... y ese donqueo es para ti...si..para ti,

Monday, November 14, 2005

GO SIXERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sixers go to spread offense, and defenseBalance brings 4th win in a rowBy PHIL JASNERjasnerp@phillynews.com
THE 76ERS are 4-3, riding a four-game winning streak. Spread it around.
That's what the Sixers did last night, placing six men in double scoring figures en route to a 113-108 victory over the better-than-you-think Los Angeles Clippers.
That's what they did at the other end of the floor, too, forcing the Clippers into a season-worst 21 turnovers that led to 20 points. They even did it off the glass, with four players taking at least six rebounds.
"That's basketball," Chris Webber said after the Sixers moved into first place in the Atlantic Division. "It's a young season and the main thing is we're winning, because we can only get better if we concentrate and make it that way.''
It was that balance that allowed the Sixers to win while Webber was shooting 4-for-17 and Allen Iverson was committing seven turnovers. Iverson put up 28 points, and was followed in sequence by Lee Nailon (21), John Salmons (14), Webber (13), Andre Iguodala (13) and Kyle Korver (11).
That effort matched the six men who reached double figures against the Atlanta Hawks in the final game of last season. Had Steven Hunter (eight points) managed two more, seven men would have equaled what happened Nov. 10 of last season, in an overtime victory over the New Jersey Nets. Hunter sat out from 10:54 to 7:58 of the third quarter after getting inadvertently poked in the eye by the Clippers' Quinton Ross.
"Me and [Iverson] have been trying to tell the younger guys to set small goals,'' Webber said. "Keep on winning the small ones, we'll be OK. One of the goals needs to be to make sure we try and stay consistent; we're going to be a really good road team. When you protect homecourt, teams don't want to see you, don't want to play you in the playoffs.''
What, a reporter wanted to know, makes Webber believe this early that the Sixers will be so good on the road?
"We like being booed on the road,'' he said. "There's not a feeling like trying to shut 20,000 people up. I've always loved that. And I'm saying that [about this team] as the best compliment, because a lot of guys can only play good at home.
"We weren't, in everybody's eyes, supposed to win that game in Indiana [after an 0-3 start]. That really showed me we had that attitude. I saw it even in the playoffs last season, the way we played against Detroit, the disappointment I saw in guys' eyes when we lost. I thought that was a good thing.''
Spreading the wealth this time wasn't by design, which probably makes it even more impressive.
"I think it just happened in the flow,'' coach Maurice Cheeks said. "We talked about getting Andre and Kyle and everybody more touches in the flow... we were more conscious of trying to get to the rim, to force play on screen-and-rolls, which opened up a lot of foul-line jumpers.''
It's a fact of NBA travel that teams playing the final game of a trip sometimes are more focused on heading home, but the Sixers deserved a solid share of credit as Clippers point guard Sam Cassell shot 1-for-10 and shooting guard Cuttino Mobley was able to muster just three second-half points, finishing with 23.
Cassell said, "I just put, offensively, too much pressure on my guys. I can't go 1-for-10 and expect us to win; 1-for-10 is inexcusable.''
"This is how we have to play,'' said Salmons, continuing to fulfill his preseason promise to be more aggressive. "We've got to take a page out of the Pistons' playbook; every time we play them, their stat sheet always shows five guys in double figures, or somebody off the bench in double figures.
"That's the best way to play. When everybody touches the ball, they'll want to play defense, they'll want to go rebound. We don't want to force anything, but when people are being unselfish that makes it even better.''
Case in point: Even though Iverson scored 10 points in the fourth quarter, he said, "I can't remember in the fourth quarter where I didn't have the ball as much going down the stretch. John had the ball in his hands, and was making things happen. All I was waiting for was the opportunity for my man to leave [me] so that I could help somebody make an easy play. You can tell we're getting better as an all-around team because so many people are doing so many things.''
Spread it around

Thursday, November 10, 2005

76ers are for real

To all the haters that were calling me to make fun of our 0 and 3 start..take a look we just beat two of the top five teams in the league....Pa que masquen!!!

THE 24-SECOND shot clocks above both backboards in the Wachovia Center didn't work all night. The 76ers' defense, on the other hand, worked as efficiently as it has this season. You could argue that the Sixers' bench worked even better than that.
When the Sixers, you should pardon the expression, clocked out, it was with an impressive 112-97 victory over the Dallas Mavericks. Most impressively, the Sixers won at home for the first time with a frenetic 10-0 finish to the third quarter and a 19-5 start in the fourth.
Don't look now, but they recorded the decision with Allen Iverson shooting a struggling 8-for-21 in a little more than 38 minutes. He seemed to favor his right side in the late stages and visited with the team's medical staff afterward; he did not address reporters.
The backups, though, more than addressed the job at hand. John Salmons and Kevin Ollie were effective in up-the-court pressure, James Thomas had seven rebounds and five points, and Lee Nailon contributed eight points, including a layup on a clutch steal.
Not that the starters were exactly AWOL. Iverson finished with 25 points, Andre Iguodala matched his career high of 22, Kyle Korver dropped in nine of 11 shots for 20 points, and Chris Webber fought off a 3-for-12 first half to manage 19 points and 11 rebounds.
After neither team led by more than eight through three quarters, the Sixers bolted a 19-point advantage at 95-76 with 6:22 remaining. The Mavs, who lost star forward Dirk Nowitzki toward the end of the first half with a strained back, then lost sub guard Devin Harris late in the third period with a sprained left ankle, climbed as close as nine, but never really threatened.
It would be too easy to say the clock ran out on them. This had far more to do with the work of four guys - Salmons, Ollie, Thomas and Nailon - who took maximum advantage of their opportunities.
"We just tried to bring energy, to play with reckless abandon, try and change the tempo; that's what we have up on the board, 'Change the tempo,' " said Ollie, who handed out five assists in a little less than 19 minutes. "We stayed up on defense, and that got us a lot of easy buckets. We're just not an offensive team that's going to outscore you. We've got to work our offense off our defense; that's what we did. That allows us to get out on the break, to use our athleticism a little bit. That's how we're going to have to win. We can't win any other way."
Most observers have thought all along that a lack of depth has been a problem; the guys filling those roles belied that theory against the Mavs.
"I don't read the newspaper, I just play basketball, stick with my teammates and coaching staff," Nailon said. "Whatever they write in the newspaper, that's their job. That's to get them happy. As long as we're playing together on the court and getting W's, then we make them look foolish."
This is how the subs looked to coach Maurice Cheeks:
"I thought everybody who came in the game for us did a good job. I thought our bench was real good. I thought our bench really changed the game for us. Those guys were big for us, particularly in the second half. Their pressure up the floor and ability to move the ball from side to side was huge for us. Those guys really gave us the cushion to win this game, and Kyle making shots makes it a lot easier for everybody. But I think this was about our bench. I think our bench was as good as we have been; the bench was good in Indiana [Saturday night] and was a factor in winning the game; our bench tonight was a major factor in winning the game."
The 29-5 run was largely the result of that effort.
"All night, they were playing into our hands until the end of the third," Mavs guard Darrell Armstrong said. "Then, it seemed like the momentum shifted in their hands and they just kept rolling. When you let a team build up a [19-point] lead, every once in a while, you're going to come back from it. If you do, you're going to die down at the end. I felt like we had a chance. They just made the right plays at the right time."
After which, they clocked out.
Six shots
As far back as Opening Day, when most people were praising the Sixers for their adherence to the NBA's new "business casual" dress code, president/general manager Billy King was also getting messages from the league about some of the players' uniform shorts being too long. The result? The fashion police have fined the Sixers... Last night's announced crowd of 13,392 was the lowest since 10,976 saw a 9-92 loss to Milwaukee Feb. 16, 1999.

Monday, November 07, 2005


¿Como es posible que los sixers pierdan sus primeros tres juegos, incluyendo uno el viernes contra los Bobcats? ¿Como es posible que el sábado le ganaran a los Pacers, un serio candidato al campeonato?Pienso que si los sixers se mantienen saludable y logran organizarse un poco mas defensivamente pueden ganar su división y probablemente llegar a la segunda ronda de los Playoffs.(si Webber se mantiene saludable)El sábado lucieron muy sólidos contra los pacers. En el tercer cuarto estaban ganando por 20. Steven Hunter lució muy fuerte contra O'neal y Webber parecia estar en sus mejores tiempos.Creo que mi sixers fueron victima de un itinerario mal hecho. Solamente ellos y Denver han jugado 4 juegos en 5 noches.Entre sus oponentes para esos 4 juegos tuvieron a Detroit y a Indiana.Diagnostigo..Comienzo TemblorosoREmedio....Mejor DEfensa e intensidadPronóstico...Ganamos el AtlaticPASION, PRIDE....SIXERS

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

They are really gonna miss O'brien

Mo Cheeks is a nice guy, cool personality, sixer hero..but damm...Can he coach?
I got three possible answers to what has happened these first two games of the season.
1. Bucks have gotten good. (the also beat NJ)
2. Detroit is still the Beast of the East.
3. The sixers just suck. Give Ai a month of this crap and he will ask for a trade..Everyone made significant changes. MY sixers just blew money away(62million Dalambert, 30 million to Kyle "Steve Kerr" Korver) We need a legitimate SF and some real tough defense..This will probably be a long season.