Sunday, September 25, 2005

AI Bigger than YAO

Iverson In Asia

Here in Shanghai, you often can’t tell the media the location of a news conference. If you do, word might leak out that, say, a famous person is involved in the event. If somebody snitches, thousands of fans are virtually guaranteed to mob the scene and your news conference might never be held. And so with Allen Iverson visiting this teeming city of some 20-million people, similar precautions had to be taken. Media members who knew of his coming were not told where the day’s events were being held. Instead, they were asked to board a caravan of buses at a rendezvous point. The buses then furtively took them to wherever the events took place. Shanghai is a large city, and Allen Iverson is large among its inhabitants. One Reebok executive said today Iverson “is like a god here.” A Chinese journalist told us Iverson is bigger here than Yao Ming, the 7-5 center for the Houston Rockets. Ironically, Yao spent many of his formative years here in Shanghai. The love became apparent today when Iverson tipped off the Chinese portion of his “I am what I am” tour for Reebok. And it was no more palpable than during a visit to an orphanage, the Shanghai Children’s Home. For it is among children that Allen is often at his best. These kids had obviously prepared a long time for Iverson’s visit. Many of them, dressed in ceremonial clothing, sang and danced for him. They also presented him with a number of gifts exhibiting their own, artistic handiwork, a gesture that appeared to have touched Allen deeply. Later, there was Allen again, as he had in Tokyo, removing his watch and other jewelry so he could play basketball with the kids. Truly an amazing experience for many of those who were clearly Iverson fans, demonstrated by their various wrist and armbands which were very much a la Allen. Iverson took the stage at a Shanghai theatre at the day’s first event, greeted by wild applause from the crowd and a throng of well over 100 media members. Helped by a translator, Allen answered questions, then graciously participated in a number of ceremonial events. One that was particularly touching for the Chinese was seeing Allen imprint is last name in Chinese using a stamp similar to ones used by this country’s ancient emperors. Then, media members were led into an adjacent room in much smaller groups. Iverson patiently answered more questions for about the next hour and honestly, these questions were more incisive then those he had fielded in Japan. Tomorrow, Allen and Yao in an outdoor event that’s sure to draw quite a crowd. The media? They’ll all be arriving by bus.
Allen Iverson shoes off one of his signature shoes at an event in China. Iverson faces the excited crowd.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

The Heat Add Gary Payton

How many balls can be used at one time during a game????????
The Dallas Mavericks are close to signing International Star and Puerto Rico Native Elias "Larry" Ayuso. A three point specialist.

Adding some depth!!!!

Looking to improve their depth, the 76ers agreed to a contract with veteran forward Lee Nailon.
Terms of the agreement were not released Thursday. As a five-year NBA veteran, Nailon is entitled to at least the league minimum of $835,810.
The 6-foot-8, 240-pound Nailon is coming off his finest season as a pro. The 30-year-old averaged 14.2 points and 4.4 rebounds - both career highs - in 68 games last season for the New Orleans Hornets. He shot nearly 48 percent from the field and better than 80 percent from the free-throw line.
In five NBA seasons, Nailon has career averages of 8.9 points and 3.1 rebounds while shooting 47.3 percent from the field and 78.4 percent from the line.
In his career, Nailon has played for the Charlotte Hornets, New York Knicks, Atlanta Hawks, Orlando Magic and Cleveland Cavaliers as well as New Orleans.
The acquisition of Nailon, a free agent, is designed to help the Sixers' depth at both forward positions.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Is the East ready for C-Webb

Phill Jasner reports that 76ers star forward is eager to prove critics wrong.

Chris Webber couldn't help himself. He couldn't hold back his passion for basketball. Even if the 76ers don't begin training camp until Oct. 4. Taking a break the other day from his foundation's drive to gather school supplies for the Hurricane Katrina relief effort, Webber couldn't hold back about how he perceives his role in his first full season with the team.
"It's Allen's team," Webber said, a reference to star guard Allen Iverson. "He's been here 9 years. If he came to Sacramento, it would have been my team, and I would have worked with him. [This] is his team, his environment. The way he goes is the way we're going to go. I'm more worried about myself. I need to be me, to play my game and really not give a damn about anything."
Webber came to the Sixers at last season's trade deadline after 6-plus seasons with the Kings. He wasn't as productive as he had been, but he insisted it wasn't because of the change in midstream or because of any problems with his surgically repaired knee.
"I averaged 22 [points] and 10 [rebounds] before I got here," said Webber, who averaged 15.6 points and 7.9 rebounds with the Sixers after averaging 21.3 and 9.7 with the Kings. "You're telling me my knee started hurting in January and February? It was a good excuse [for others]. My percentages went down because my knee hurt? You're telling me one day in the middle of the season, my knee hurt and it changed the season? If I'm playing on a hurt knee and putting up those numbers [with the Kings], why would it change? It's on me to be myself, to come back and play my game."
Webber said he was appreciative that Sixers president and general manager Billy King stayed in contact during the offseason. Now, he's eager to perform but at the same time trying to rein in his emotions. To him, the time isn't yet right.
"I want to win a championship," he said. "Are we good enough to beat Miami? San Antonio? The odds aren't in our favor; of course not. But so what? Who cares? I like it when the odds are against me. I love the fact that people think my knee is hurt. I love the fact that people think it's over. I revel in it. I love it. I wrap it around myself and embrace it, because I will not be broken.
"Besides that, what else can I do but wait [for the season]? I get so hyped, my hands start sweating now. I've got to hold all of that energy in. Don't bring it out of me now."

Monday, September 19, 2005

Palabras con luz...

Al igual que yo, muchos fanaticos de los sixers estan ansiosos por que empieze la tempoda. Hay tantas interrogantes, tantos factores desconocidos, tanta gente hablando mal de philly, tantas
expectativas y simpletente...tantos deseos de ganar. Es dificil hablar de ganar en el Este luego de los impresionantes cambios realizados por Miami y Cleveland. La conferencia del Este es la mas interesante, la mas competitiva y es donde mis sixers lograran impresionar.
Allen Iverson, quien se encontraba en philly grabando unas pautas comerciales, realizo unos comentarios interesantes. A el le han preguntado en la calle sobre la falta de movidas importantes en el "off season". El contesto de una forma muy interesante. Luego de analizar sus comentarios, estoy totalmente de acuerdo. Dijo AI "“I swear I feel like I’ve got the guys around me that I need,” Iverson said. “Those are the guys that can win it with me. I don’t think we need anybody else. Shaq would help. Kobe would help. Tracy would help. That’s impossible. With the guys that we got, we have the best chance in the world.”
Iverson por primera vez juega en un equipo....Si en un equipo que aunque no tiene profundidad en el banco, tiene un verdadero "Position Player" en cada posicion. No puede desear nada mas. Aquellos de ustedes que piensan que a Webber no le queda na....WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE...C-Webb esta saludable y tiene algo que probar. En declaraciones recientes su coach Mo Cheeks dijo que Chris es una superestrella. Ninguna superestrella quiere se afecte su legado. Iverson dijo que la temporada pasada Webber estaba super lastimado y tampodo el Coach O'Brien lo supo utilizar. Webber aclaro que el desea jugar en el "low post". Fue su coach quien lo ordeno a tirar tantos jumpers la temporada pasada. No se duerman con Philly, no subestimen a C-Webb. Esten pendientes al progreso de AI2..Andre Iguadala.
Yo pienso que Philly llegara al menos a la segunda ronda de los Playoffs....Apuntame esa y luego hablamos...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Possible trade between Boston and Denver

Rumors say that Paul Pierce might get traded to Denver for Nene and Miller...Just Rumors but the source is pretty good.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Who's still a Free Agent....Lo que queda en el mercado de agentes libres....

Listas de Mascotas que necesitan adopción...Go ahead adopt one of these sad puppies.
1. Eddie Curry
2. Gary Payton
3. Latrell Spreewel
4. Darius Songalia
5. Vladimir Radmanovic
6. Reggie Evans
7. Gerald Wallace
8. Damon Jones
9. Ronald Murray
10. Daniel Santiago....(who??) (didn't want to leave it at nine)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

What a shame!!

Hey..people can do whatever they want with their cash...but if you are gonna make a big deal about helping real about it. I find it ridiculous that many pro athletes are pledging $1,000 for Katrina victims. How low is that!! Dudes like Shaq, Iverson, Tmac, Kobe and many others make more than $200,000 a game... I read on a losers blog that Diddy, Jay Z and Other Hip hoppers are donating millios. The NBA players asociation donated a million...
If they want to get props for making about making significant ones. This is the largest tragedy in US history...

Lets also give props to FEMA and other federal agencies for arriving as late as they could...losers

In the NBA...We are still wondering where Spreewel will find a job and manages to feed his starving family with less than 5 million. find Latrell at a shelter near you...
My sources tell me that the Lakers,Heat,Rockets and Bulls are after Spree...

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Mala Tuya Mr. Cuban

Es dificil criticar una decision a una persona tan exitosa como Cuban. Sin Embargo, el hecho de botar a Finely como bolsa en vez de cambiarlo le acaba de explotar en la cara. Finley acaba de asegurar que firmará con San Antonio. Un equipo que esta en la misma division que Dallas y que le permitirá a Finely un desquite en los playoffs contra su antiguo jefe. Los Spurs de San Antonio acaban de mejorar el mejor equipo de la liga. Finley aportará con su ofensiva letal, mientras se encamina al sueño dorado de un campeonato. Antes de este evento trascendental, veía a Miami como seguros campeones pero ahora todo parece indicar que el campeonato se queda en el Oeste....El chiste de esto es que todavía Dallas le debe 51 millones a un jugador que los masacrará durante toda la temporada....Mala tuya Mr. Cuban