Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Free Agency Signings

At 12:00 PM today, NBA teams can begin signing free agents. The following are the most notable free agent signings.
1. Michael Redd: getting 90 million from the Bucks
2. Ray Allen: has over 70 million reasons to stay in Seattle
3. Larry Hughes: Just jumped on the LeBron Cruise Ship towards success
4. Donyell Marshall: Passed on Philly to jump on the same ship as Larry Hughes
Other important transactions include: Shaq's new contract which is rumored to be around 125 million for 5 years, My sixers will resign their young guns and Joe Johnson is expected to flee Phoenix and find refuge in Atlanta.

Hoy a las 12 PM los equipos de la NBA podrán comenzar a firmar a los agentes libres. A continuación las transacciones mas notorias:
1.El escolta Michael Redd recibirá 90 millones
2. Ray Allen se queda en Seatle
3. Larry Hughes abandona a Washington por jugar con LeBron
4. Donyell Marshall rechaza una oferta de Philly por jugar con LeBron

Otras transacciones que debemos esperar incluyen la re-negociación del contrato de Shaquille O'Neal quien recibirá 125 millones por 5 años. Mis sixers firmarán a Dalambert, Green y Korver mientras que Joe Johnson debe firmar con Atlanta.

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