Wednesday, August 03, 2005

NBA Daily

This blog will cover the NBA from all angles. I will try to update it as much as I can. My favorite team is the Philadelphia 76ers. I can't believe the fact that Billy King was so focused on Kyle Korver and Willie Green and wasn't able to lure any free agents. He made a run at Donyell Marshall and Antoine Walker but nothing happened.
I learned this morning that he is waiting to see what teams will do with the Amnesty Clause or the "Allan Houston rule" which gives teams a one time chance to release a player and avoid paying luxury tax on his contract. Billy king has his eyes on Jalen Rose and Michael Finley (so does every other playoff contender). Bad news for sixer Aaron Mckie, he is expected to be released due to the Amnesty Clause.
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Visiten mi blog para información sobre la NBA. Tendré artículos en Ingles y Español. Mi equipo favorito son los 76ers. Estoy seguro de que ganaremos la división Atlántica del este y tendremos una buena actuación en los playoffs. Si Webber esta saludable (hay que orar) veremos un equipo que impresionara a todos los incrédulos.

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