Wednesday, December 20, 2006




Yesterday at about 5:30 PM I became a Denver Fan. I went through a roller coaster of emotions. After loving the sixers for the last 11 years, the best little man to ever play the game was traded to Denver and so were my dreams of an Allen Iverson led championship in Philly. As sad as it is, I am feeling better today. AI goes to a real team with real coaching and ownership, team with two superstars that have a chip on their shoulder.

During the Iverson Era, the sixers were my life. The first thing I did every morning including during the off-season, was read the Philly papers online (I’m from Puerto Rico). I know everything there is to know about the sixers. I know a lot of their fans, the media and the organization. Now it’s off to Denver…Let’s see what happens.
A few thoughts on Billy King before I focus on Denver.

Billy King: Worst GM in Professional Sports
You are a liar and seem to not really understand the game. For the past 5 years you have done everything you could do to kill this team. The fans hate you and you will be out of a Job soon. You should have fired yourself a while ago. Thanks for the Huge Dalambert Contract, the Huge Korver contract, The trade for a one legged C-Webb and for signing Kevin Ollie a million times. Thanks for trying to make us Believe Willie Green was the next AI, For bringing the best Assistant Coach Ever Mo Cheeks, For firinf Jim O’brien, For being Larry Browns pet and for doing nothing during last summer when you knew this team sucked. Thanks Billy…Thanks

GO NUGGETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you say Western Conference Champs…Maybe not yet. Contrary to what ESPN experts are saying, with AI the Nuggets can compete with the West’s Elite. Amare will get injured soon and Dallas and San Antonio can’t guard both AI and Melo… I will keep you posted.

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