Wednesday, December 13, 2006




AI will be gone soon and so will the dreams of many of us who have loved watching the best little man the NBA has ever seen.
If you are a true Iverson fan you probably feel the way I do. You know how hard it is for him to leave Philly and how much he loves his teammates. If you have been there since day one, you understand that this is much more than a player switching teams.

On the night the 76ers drafter Iverson, a new era began. The Iverson ERA… The small franchise player that took the city and the league by storm did everything from breaking Jordan to having five 40 point games during his “rookie of the year” season. He was known for not loving practice and for shooting a lot but his heart and determination were never questioned. He was almost traded a couple of times; once to the Pistons and a couple of times to the Clippers. He was the League MVP and led his team to the finals in 2001. He fought publicly with Larry Brown and was team USA’s leader in the 2004 Olympics.
That said, Iverson’s departure will mean more to me than people will ever understand. Am I a Philly fan or an Iverson fan? Will I root for the team that trades for AI?

Iverson leaving will mean forgetting the hopes of an Iverson led championship for the City of Philadelphia. It will mean that AI will not retire as a Sixer, something he always wanted to do.
Today I hate the 76ers administration more than ever.
Thanks Billy King for killing this team.
Thanks Billy King for not surrounding AI with enough talent to compete.
Thanks for lying to us about “changing the culture” of the team.
Billy and Ed Snider should fire themselves.

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