Friday, January 12, 2007

Tough times will soon be over in Denver

Yes, Earl Boykins is a fan favorite but he really has was a huge liability. In Blake we get a pass first point guard that can defend. Boykins could not guard anyone. It was fun to watch him and AI on the court together but teams were scoring on Denver like crazy.

Melo comes back in 4 games, He and AI will take about 5 games to get used to playing with each other. After the brief adjustment period Denver will go on a tear of the West. I believe a double digit winning streak will be on its way. Believe it or not AI will play much better with Melo on the court. He wont be getting any more double and tripple team defenses with Melo roaming around. Melo will go crazy with all the open shots he will get. Just wait and see, The sun will soon rise in Denver.

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Manny said...

All Star Weekend!! Yeahhh

Jordan va a estar... ya me compre la tshirt pa estar activo