Thursday, August 03, 2006

I smell something

I really don't know what it is, but something is going down in Philly soon. There is no way Billy King will keep his job if he doesn't make a significant move to make the team relevant again. The schedule just came out for next season. I have heard many complain about the sixers schedule. I understand that most of the first 30 games are on the road but other than that...Does it really matter? The east has gotten even stronger this off season. The Bulls are certainly something to watch and yet our GM hasn't made a significant move to improve the team.
What moves can he still make?
1. Zach Randolph: The Blazer forward is not happy in Portland and Sixer coach Mo Cheeks loves his game. The sixers should try something that could involve Dalambert and Korver.
2. Carlos Boozer: There have been rumors all summer about the Jazz trying to trade Boozer. This guy is exactly what we need. Rebounding and Defense.
3. Drew Gooden: He wants out of Cleveland and is also a solid rebounder.
4. Bonzi Wells: We have a lot of talent at the 2 but Bonzi has also played the 3. He is a solid scorer and has said he will not sign with sacramento. A Starting 5 of AI, AI2,Wells, C-Webb and Sammy D, doesn't look bad on paper...

I have also read about the posibility of a Webber for K-Mart trade but i don't see it happening. Some people on the sixers fan forum also say that they don't believe that AI is off the trading block.
Again, something must go down or many jobs will be in jeopardy.

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