Sunday, August 13, 2006

Billy, Don't do it...

There are some things that I believe even Billy King is not capable of doing. Giving away Chris Webber is one of them. I would be totaly crushed if a rumor I read about yesterday came out to be true. The rumor that is going around is that C-Webb will be traded to the Knicks for Mo Taylor, Malik Rose and Quentin Richardson. Let's break things down a bit.

Webber was traded to the sixers for 3 players, Skinner, Thomas and Williamson. These players are all better than the 3 Billy is willing to take for Webber now. Can someone explain.

Before I continue, I gotta say I'm sick of people saying, especially those gifted ESPN reporters and analysts that C-Webb and AI can't play together. Hello...That was the highest scoring duo in the NBA last year. Some fools, especially those who do not read my blog also say that C-Webb has nothing left. Let me say that I watched every shot C-Webb took last year and he still has a lot of game in him. He can still score on anyone and still gets 10 rebounds a game. How can you say he had a bad season when he managed to put his career numbers, 20 and 10?

The sixers still struggled last year but let me give you a stat. The sixers lost 80% of their games by 5 points or less. The sixers were winning most of those games until the last 2 minutes when Mo Cheeks failed to make key decisions.

The Sixers are a good team that lost a lot of games due to poor coaching. The complete coaching staff sucks. I know a lot of you won't agree but the sixers ARE ONE PLAYER AWAY FROM BEING GREAT. And no I don't mean Jordan in his prime. We need a SF that can play tough defense and score 12 points a night. Korver will score 12 points but the guy couldn't play defense if his mother's life depended on it.

Billy King... Please don't trade C-Webb for "no ones" and "has beens". Get a SF that can play D and we will be set.


Ddot the King said...

I'd like to see that trade happen! C-Webb is washed up anyway.

I'm celebrating my 1 year blog anniversary today and I've made it a goal to comment on everybodys blog that has ever commented on mine. You were one of my firsts! Thanks for being down with the King!

Anonymous said...

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