Monday, October 09, 2006

Startin 5

We all know what went down in Barcelona the other day. Not prety at all.
I do want to coment on the sixer's starting 5.

Willie Green

If this group could really learn to play together they would be special.
This will be Sammy's breakout season. Trust me on this one. Barring injuries, Dalambert will average at least 10 boards and will lead the league in blocks.
C-Webb looked good on thursday. His shot is in midseason form and moved around well. Willie Green got off to a good start and was benched after stupid fouls.
Iguodala looked like the Iggy of allways. Dunking and taking long shots. He should try to stop stealing the ball from guys and just stop them.
You all know what I think about AI, the best little man ever. His scoring average should drop to about 27pts per game, in order for his cast to be happy and play defense.

I won't bull anyone, I'm not the happiest fan with this team. Billy Queen made no siginificant moves to help the team out. This year's free agent class wasn't amazing but there was everything we needed. Ben Wallace would have made us champs. Al Harington would have helped, Bonzi Wells, Ruben Patterson and others could have improved our team significantly.

To be honest, I have been more than pesimistic about this team. I visit a sixsers forum at every day and read how "fans" are so down on the sixers that are even hoping they lose. I coud never do that. I think of the Red Sox Fans who never quit on their team. Yes, they suffered many years of mediocrity but they were true fans.
Unless a miracle happens, I don't see a championship in our near future. Our young guys aren't that good and our stars are old. But I am a sixer fan. I will watch everygame this season, including preseason. I will get ulcers, I will feel sick from time to time, but I will live every game... I will enjoy watching AI....

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