Friday, September 22, 2006

Rodney Carney

I was amazed to see how Rodney Carney believes he is the sixer’s answer to their defensive problems. The funiest thing was that he said he was getting to “really practice his defense” on Kyle Korver. Just for a second...yes Kyle can shoot like no one, but he has no speed, can’t jump, doesn’t drive to the hole and is noones' nightmare on the ofensive end. Mr. Carney...get real, you wanna practice your defense, try running around after Iverson for 48 mins or get Kobe’s address and try stopping him. A report on him by David Aldrige said that Carney played tremendous defense on Reddik and Morison...wiat a minute! two white guys with no that’s why he’s practicing with Korver.
PLEASE... I love my team...but man we are going no where with this kind of fool.

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